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About Me
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My Vision

I aim at becoming internationally recognized as a distinctive senior engineer in my area of specialty. My tool at achieving it is striving professionally for excellence.


My Mission

My mission in life is (E N G I N E E R = 3E+2N+GIR):


Ethics: To make ethics the core of professionalism and to have a deep sense of social responsibility


Normalization: To deal with the stress and pressure of life and to develop a strategy to use it to normalize forthcoming obstacles and nurture future plans.


Genuineness: To be always genuine in every aspect of life.


Integration: To be flexible and adaptable to whatsoever culture or environment and to always have the teamwork spirit.


Nimbleness: To have a nimble mind and to make a quality decisions.


Excellence: To maintain a holistic excellence throughout my life including my engineering career which is the primary part of my life.


Enhancement: To enhance my skills and keep it always up-to-date through commitment for life-long learning.


Recognition: To develop and maintain respectable and reputable professional career and to gain international recognition.


Copyright 2007.  By Khalid El-Darymli