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SSLIS Snapshots
Intro to my  Master's Thesis
SSLIS Snapshots


This Pages Provides Demonstration and Snapshots of the Speech to Sign Language Interpreter System (SSLIS)

Please click on below to see the respective snapshot.




Tab 1: Speech to text to Signed English

- Display default window

- Select the ASL movies' speed

- Click on Execute Live Decode to start talking to the SW

- Press OK upon seeing the "Press Ok" message box

- While you talk SSLIS writes what you are saying and translates it to ASL


Tab 2: Speech to Text

- Select between the three available programs (Decode, Live Pretend and Live Decode)

- If you select "Decode", execute it

- Upon execution program output is displayed

- You can see more information like Program Output

- You can see more information like Recognition Hypotheses

- If you select "Live Pretend", execute it

- If you select "Live Decode", execute it

- In fact you can do more...Automatically Calculate the SR accuracy (Explanatory examples provided)

- Calculate the SR accuracy in Live mode.


Tab 3: Text to Signed English

- Display all ASL movie entries in the DB and play them (Note the lips which goes in sync with the movie in play. You can also type in the provided place whatever sentence and it will be translated into the America Sign Language (Signed English)

- Display the pre-defined irregular noun-entries in the SSLIS's DB

- Display the pre-defined irregular past verb-entries in the SSLIS's DB

- Display the pre-defined irregular past participle verb entries in the SSLIS's DB


Tab 4: Minimize to Auto

- Click on "Minimize to Auto" to translate text into ASL directly from your web browser or text editor

- See how it works

- See the ASL translation


More Options:

- Customize SSLIS with your own color and font type

- Click on "Help" => "About"



Figure 1: The SSLIS is loading upon running it.

Figure 2: Default window of the SSLIS

Figure 3: Default window, a message box is displayed upon finishing initialization

Figure 4: Click on Stop Live Decode button upon finishing speaking

Figure 5:Speech to Text button, user can select one of the three included programs

Figure 6: “Decode” program demonstration

Figure 7: Program Output displays more information about “Decode”

Figure 8: "Recognition Hypothesis" tab under “Decode” program

 Figure 9: “Live Pretend” program demonstration

Figure 10: Opting for “live decode” program

Figure 11: WER calculation and supplied two explanatory examples

Figure 12: Opting for Live Decode and clicking on Execute

Figure 13: Demonstration of typing text and clicking on Read

Figure 14: Irregular nouns in SSLIS's SE database


Figure 15: List of the past irregular verbs that SSLIS capable to recognize

Figure 16: List of the past participle irregular verbs that SSLIS capable to recognize

Figure 17: Clicking on “Minimize to Auto” places a small icon at the bottommost right-hand side corner of the desktop

Figure 18: Demonstration of “Minimize to Auto” mode

Figure 19:Dragging and dropping the selected text to be signed in a small 

display window

Figure 20: The background and font color and type is customizable

Figure 21: This small window is displayed upon clicking on Help => About


Copyright © 2007.  By Khalid El-Darymli