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Some of my presentations are provided below.


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Presentation # 1


Title:                   Speech to Sign Language Interpreter System (SSLIS)

Description:        My Viva Voce Presentation

Date presented: June 2006







Presentation # 2


Title:                    Speech to Sign Language Interpreter System (SSLIS)

Description:         Project Milestone Presentation

Date presented:  Jul 29th 2005







Presentation # 3


Title:                      Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR)

Description:          Seminar Presentation.

Date presented:   October 2005








Presentation # 4


Title:                    Firewalls

Description:         Seminar Presentation.

Date presented:  February 2004








Presentation # 5


Title:                   Multimedia and Mobile Systems

Description:        Master's level, Subject Presentation.

Date presented: February 2005







Presentation # 6


Title:                    SSLIS (KERIE06) Poster

Description:         Research poster

Date presented:  November 2006




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